Zoe Oconnell Avatar

Fantastic service, Tim is a great guy and will instantly put you at ease. I started going to Tim due to anxiety, endemetriosis and infertility after recurrent pregnancy losses. My... read more

Zoe Oconnell 29/01/2020
RennyS-2 Avatar

Emanations Acupuncture Clinic Tim Burrows does a great job. He has fixed me up to sleep better and stopped pain in my shoulder. I can’t praise him enough

RennyS-2 20/01/2020
Amy Bentley Avatar

positive review  Would defiantly recommend

Amy Bentley 30/05/2018
Ushi Nayee Avatar

Fantastic service!! Going to Tim has been a life changing experience for me. Not only is he good at what he does he is absolutely hilarious too. I would highly... read more

Ushi Nayee 29/07/2017
Wendy Kerr Avatar

positive review  I’ve been visiting Tim now for 6 months. He’s friendly but professional. I’m not keen on needles but he makes me feel at ease. The treatment for a variety of... read more

Wendy Kerr 15/01/2020
Robin Marsh Avatar

From Ann Marsh.I am a regular user of Tim's . Having monthly "top ups" for treatment of arthritis.Helps with both pain control & mobility. Have also had treatments for... read more

Robin Marsh 29/01/2020
RichardR-406 Avatar

"Eminations" Acupuncture Clinic, Crawley Top marks for Tim Burrows & the "Eminations" Acupuncture Clinic, I have been attending Monthly sessions at the Clinic for at least 10 years & find Tim's courteous & friendly... read more

RichardR-406 21/01/2020
Sara Gauden Avatar

Fantastic results. I’ve had treatment for back problems, asthma issues and menopausal hot flushes all of which have greatly improved since have the treatments. Would thoroughly recommend.

Sara Gauden 29/07/2018
Penny Reeve Avatar

positive review  Relaxing and calm even with the needles. Tim is working miracles with my long standing issues.
Definitely would recommend.

Penny Reeve 23/06/2020
SallyM-409 Avatar

Feel Good! Hey Tim, I can't describe how much better I feel just after one treatment. Aches & pains are less, lower back easier and increased energy levels. Nothing worse that feeling... read more

SallyM-409 09/02/2021
Gareth Jewell Avatar

I've been seeing Tim for acupuncture well over two years now and thoroughly recommend him for treatments.The treatment room is very comfortable with a hint of Fen Sui and Zen... read more

Gareth Jewell 29/02/2020
Dionne Travers Avatar

I have been a customer of Tim's for over ten years. Highly professional, first class service. I suffer from vertigo and have gone from being on daily medication to no... read more

Dionne Travers 29/07/2018