Maureen Ions Avatar

positive review  Tim has helped me greatly with migraines and various other issues. He is very welcoming and I always feel relaxed when I come out.

Maureen Ions 06/02/2019
Zoe O'connell Avatar

positive review  absolutely everything Tym is such a lovely guy and accupuncture truly is magical stuff. As a sufferer of anxiety and depression it helped greatly with these and I also have... read more

Zoe O'connell 17/08/2020
Brett Higginson Avatar

positive review  Great, proffesional service, really pleased with results!

Brett Higginson 17/09/2015
HazelB-50 Avatar

Worth a visit I have been attending this clinic for menopausal symptoms. The reasons for my problems were explained to me, advice given and acupuncture given. This has been very effective and given... read more

HazelB-50 14/06/2018
David King Avatar

Fantastic service, clean and comfortable clinic and Tim instantly puts you at ease. I went because I had severe tinnitus and reflux and was also having fertility issues. My symptoms... read more

David King 29/01/2020
anthony leslie Avatar

Well recommended.... Accute sciatica treated after years of pain...great service

anthony leslie 29/07/2016
Richard Cooke Avatar

Tim really provides an excellent service. He is very knowledgeable,extremely efficient and professional.He makes you feel important and at ease, he treats you with respect and you... read more

Richard Cooke 29/01/2020
DavidK-709 Avatar

Highly recommended Great service, I started going to accupuncture due to severe tinnitus and reflux and because me and the Mrs were struggling with infertility.My symptoms have reduced greatly and me and... read more

DavidK-709 12/01/2020
Caroline Cooper Avatar

positive review  Very relaxing,only first treatment for sciatica but feeling a noticeable difference already ????

Caroline Cooper 05/03/2019
Jag Nayee Avatar

I have been visiting Tim now for over a year. As someone who understands the benefits of holistic healing methods I did not need any convincing to see him when... read more

Jag Nayee 29/07/2017
JoL-230 Avatar

Fantastic place. Highly recommended. Fantastic place. Every visit is very relaxing, and leaves me feeling uplifted and energetic, and this helps my insomnia, hot flushes and energy levels. Recently I had tennis elbow, which... read more

JoL-230 18/02/2020
Maureen Ions Avatar

I've been going to Tim for several years now and highly recommend him. He is very approachable and understanding. He was able to help with a digestive problem and also... read more

Maureen Ions 29/01/2020