What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient system of healing that dates back over 3000 yrs, and mainly originates from Asia, China.

Acupuncture works on the subtle energies of the body known as “chi”. When these energies are in balance, our health is fine – but when the chi becomes unbalanced (e.g. through lifestyle, emotion, stress, diet or trauma) they can become blocked, causing physical and emotional pain.

We can help you

Visit our clinic and we’ll review your medical history, take pulses and look at the body diagnosis.

From the pulses and what you tell us, we can create a treatment plan that enables your body to heal itself.

Treatment consists of the insertion of micro-fine stainless steel sterile needles into the skin – usually between 2 and 6 needles are used at any one time.

The needles usually will be placed in the arms and legs, no matter where the problem lies, as we work on the cause of the problem – not just the symptoms.

The reaction will be different for everybody – some people will find almost immediate relief, whilst others may find it takes a while. This has a lot to do with how severe the problems are, how long you have had them and the patients life-style.

Happy customers

  • Jag Nayee Avatar

    I have been visiting Tim now for over a year. As someone who understands the benefits of holistic healing methods I did not need any convincing to see him when I had problems with my wrists due to the nature of my work. Accupuncture can also be done periodically to keep you body in balance as this will help you better deal with any health issues. It is for this reason I see Tim at least once a month. He helps women with fertility issues - so far he has got 59 babies ! Tim is very professional and will always keep you entertained with his wit in general knowledge. I would not hesitate to recommend him for pretty much any ailment you have.

    Jag Nayee 29/07/2017
  • Zoe Oconnell Avatar

    Fantastic service, Tim is a great guy and will instantly put you at ease. I started going to Tim due to anxiety, endemetriosis and infertility after recurrent pregnancy losses. My anxiety has improved so much, my endo symptoms aren't as severe and we are now expecting our miracle rainbow baby ????. I highly recommend Tim

    Zoe Oconnell 29/01/2020
  • ZoeO-31 Avatar

    Fantastic Tim is such a nice guy, very comfortable clinic to be in and if you're nervous he will instantly put you at ease. Fantastic service, I went for my anxiety, endemetriosis and infertility after recurrent pregnancy losses and we are now expecting our miracle rainbow baby. The service is reasonably priced and I still attend on a regular basis. I would highly recommend

    ZoeO-31 12/01/2020

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